Bullying Awareness Week

Westwind School Division is committed to promoting welcoming, caring, respectful, and safe learning environments. We are excited to support Bullying Awareness Week from November 15 through 21.

The goal of this annual event is to increase awareness around the importance of preventing bullying. To do so, we need to work together to create a civil society built on healthy and respectful relationships. we encourage everyone to #PostItForward by sticking positive, inclusive, and respectful post-its in your community. Share pictures of your post-its, or of post-its you find with the hashtags #PostItForward #BullyFree #BAW2015.

There is a great Cyberbullying webcast being put on by the Alberta Government on November 18, 2015. This interactive webcast will provide information on cyberbullying, including hat it is, how it affects youth, and tips on how to prevent it and promote healthy relationships online.

This webcast will feature a panel consisting of community leaders who will discuss a variety of related topics. Speakers include:

  • Kristy Harcourt from the Red Cross who will moderate the Webcast.

  • Cpl. Laura Bristow from the RCMP who will speak on related recent changes to the Canadian Criminal Code.

  • Wendy Hoglund, PhD, from the University of Alberta will speak about the effects cyberbullying has on youth.

  • Brad Burns, the principal of Highlands School, will discuss the role of schools in preventing cyberbullying and promoting healthy relationships online.

  • Shelly Smith from Teus will speak about the role of internet service providers in preventing cyberbullying and promoting healthy relationships online.

Anyone can tune in to this great webcast on November 18, at www.alberta.ca/bullying. (This link will not be active until the day of the webcast)

If you are looking for other resources on bullying prevention, please visit the Alberta Education website: https://education.alberta.ca/supportingstudent/safeschools.aspx