Magrath High School Lockdown

At about 9:10 PM today, the Magrath RCMP directed the Magrath High School to go into ’lockdown’, or hold and secure, as a precautionary measure while they conducted an investigation in the community. The RCMP had received a report of what was believed to be an armed gunman in the area surrounding the school.

As part of the hold and secure protocols, the RCMP asked those attending the volleyball game to gather in the gymnasium with the school doors locked. Students, parents, and attending community members were safe at all times as the RCMP conducted their investigation.

Magrath High School remained secure until about 11:30 PM when we were assured by the RCMP that it was safe for everyone to leave the school. The alleged armed gunman was discovered to be a hunter on his way home from a hunting trip.

We will always take whatever precautions are necessary to ensure the safety of our students and staff, and in this case the public as well. We appreciate the RCMP’s response to this incident and ensuring the safety of everyone at the school tonight. Thank you to vigilant community members who are watching out for community safety. Thank you to everyone at the school for cooperating so well with the RCMP as they conducted their investigation. We are grateful that this incident had a positive outcome.


Ken Sommerfeldt